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Sunday, June 23, 2024
Bolt Seals
Bolt Seals

Heavy Duty Container Seals & Anti-Tamper Products for Australia

Sometimes, something much tougher is required. If your supply chain includes national or international freight, then you likely use a variety of shipping or intermodal containers. Unfortunately, you cannot oversee these on every leg of their journey and you can’t leave the security of their contents to chance. The best method of efficiently securing them from interference on long journeys is to use a high security container seal that is tamper evident and resistant.

Megafortis security bolt locks are considered amongst the best container seals available on the market as they are designed and produced with ultimate cargo protection in mind. With C-TPAT and ISO17712 certifications Mega Fortris security bolts offer a range of security options from economical tamper evidence through to certified ‘H’ High Security for any application. Anti-spin and anti-friction attack functionality means they cannot be manually removed without the appropriate tools and any attempts of tampering leaves a clear visual evidence. So you get durable and strong bolt seals perfect for all your transport, shipping and intermodal freight needs.

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We offer a range of innovative options that make evidence of tampering distinctly obvious, controlling and limiting access to your goods and assets whilst they are in transit. Our products meet international standards and some feature unique designs, which makes them very difficult and expensive to replicate. We also offer laser sequential numbering to prevent removal and replacement.

Our container bolt seals are a secure, durable solution

Browse our extensive range of resilient and tamper evident high security shipping container locks and seals available for delivery to Sydney and Brisbane plus Melbourne and all over Australia. Discover the solution suitable for you.

Klicker - Made from fortified carbon steel and ABS plastic these are H-Compliant and C-TPAT compliant.

Flexi Klick - Perfect for latches that are in a tight spot or have been bent out of shape, their flexible design makes them easier to attach.

The galvanised wire bends rather than breaks, protecting them from crude impact attacks and reducing the chance of ricochet during removal.

Mini Bolt - 5mm thick and perfect for small or tight applications. Simple to use and remove, especially when you need to handle and open a high volume of them.

MF Bar - Made from high strength steel these centrally lock the bars of any container, preventing access and protecting against tampering. Comes with an adjustable locking position.

Mega Bolt Lock - Unique, angled bolts for high security transport applications. The special conical bolt head cannot be broken by a normal bolt cutter. ISO 17712 and C-TPAT compliant.

Container Bolt Lock - Straight pin high security bolts that are widely used as they are incredibly strong and tamper resistant for ground transportation applications.

Chat with us about our premium quality container bolts today

From Melbourne through to Sydney and Brisbane and across all of Australia’s ports, we’re here for you! If you need assistance or advice, please contact us on our Toll Free number 1300 66 99 21 or send us an online enquiry, we are available to help.