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Friday, April 19, 2024

Tamper Evident Barcoding & RFID

The whole point of Security Seals is that the seals are uniquely numbered and cannot be easily sourced elsewhere. The seals can also be marked with a customer logo or unique text along with a serial number to provide further uniqueness to the seal. Our seals are marked with laser technology to ensure that the markings are permanent and cannot be removed.

Barcoding on security seals are used to reduce human error when using the seals and makes it an easy and efficient way to log the serial numbers of the seals that the user is using.

Mega Fortris is the first security seal manufacturer to implement laser marking and subsequently barcoding on security seals. With 17 years of experience in barcoding, Mega Fortris assures customers of a consistently high quality barcode.

During the laser barcoding process, the seals are checked hourly with a barcode verifier to ensure that the barcodes being marked are only of ANSI A or ANSI B quality. Barcodes with ANSI C or below are destroyed and the seals are reproduced and remarked. The reason for ensuring ANSI A or ANSI B quality barcodes is to ensure ease of readability when scanning the barcode.

Mega Fortris also believes in innovation and have started implementing the usage of RFID in our seals. The serial number and optionally other information is embedded into the RFID chip inside the seal. When the seal passes a RFID reader, the RFID reader automatically reads the serial number on the chip and transfers this information to the user’s system.

The benefits of implementing RFID technology into security seals is extra security as the chips are electronically locked and the serial numbers embedded into the chip cannot be changed. Furthermore, RFID technology is reliable and offers an even more convenient method of reading serial numbers on a seal.

Contact Mega Fortris Australia today to enquire about how you can uniquely secure your seal with laser barcoding or implementing a RFID system.