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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Tamper Evident Seals, Labels, Tape and Other Solutions

Does your business have specific requirements for protecting products from interference, contamination or theft? Do you have cash, valuables, keys or pharmaceuticals being distributed either internally or to external stakeholders? Perhaps your supply chain needs strong and resilient protection for shipping containers? Do you have sensitive or confidential documents needing a security bag for protection during transit?

Whatever tamper evident seals and security products you need, Mega Fortris has the solution. Our range is manufactured to ISO quality, international security and environmental standards where relevant, meaning you get high quality and durable seals, tape, labels, bags and boxes that have the security functionality you need. We stock a variety of options suitable for various applications across any industry. Our products are also customisable to meet any need.

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Choose from a wide variety of tamper evident labels, seals and more

For details about these or any other products we stock, please browse our main product categories for specific benefits and uses.

Bolt Seals - A wide range of sizes and types that are perfect container seals for shipping, transport and intermodal purposes.

Plastic Seals

- Suitable for a wide variety of applications, these seals are also known as indicative seals as they provide immediate visual indication of tampering. Can be easily removed by hand or small cutting implement.

Cable Seals

- Versatile and economical, semi-barrier seal that provides higher security than a plastic seal. Most feature an internal locking mechanism to prevent the cable from retracting.

Tamper Evident Security Bags

- Options available for reusable and single-use applications, offering security and tamper resistance.

Tamper Evident Labels & Tape

- These strong adhesive options indicate tampering attempts for packaging and sealed items.

Security Boxes - Sealable, impact resistant and form fitting; perfect for transporting high value goods.

Electronic/RFID - Combining the benefits of a traditional seal with electronic technology, track and trace your goods through the supply chain.

Mega-App - Are you using an Electronic/RFID solution? Create a robust chain of custody with tracking and scanning all on your SmartPhone.

Key Management - Flexible and expandable, this system registers, traces and secures your keys without hassles.

Contact us today for further information regarding our labels and other products

For any questions or assistance, please contact us on our number (02) 9999 2324 or enquire online to start a conversation.