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Saturday, May 18, 2024
Tamper Evident Labels and Tapes
Tamper Evident Labels and Tapes

Packaging Protection with Tamper Evident Labels & Tape

Your business’s packaged products need to be protected as they travel through your supply chain or during shipping. You have to be sure that they have been sealed in a way that is both a deterrent and an indicator of tampering. When you have sensitive or valuable products they need solutions that highlight premature opening attempts, especially in the case of food, medicine, confidential documents or high value retail goods. To effectively protect your goods and assets you need quality tamper evident labels and tapes.

For many industries the standard grade of adhesive packing tape is insufficient at identifying interference, limiting contamination and ensuring the security and integrity of your assets or goods. High quality tamper evident tape options give you peace of mind by both deterring tampering and indicating if unauthorised access has occurred.

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Effective tamper labelling combines security features to provide comprehensive protection and make reproduction difficult. This makes them a suitable labelling choice to protect against theft, sabotage and contamination. This is especially important for the transport or handling of food or medical goods, where tampering can affect human wellbeing. Our tamper labels are applicable for a variety of roles including sealing; envelopes, door access to restricted areas, documents, boxes, pallets, cartons, airline trollies, food packaging, catering carts, pharmaceutical foods, IT and communications equipment, office equipment and utilities.

Secure Your Packaging

Browse our product listings for the full range and specifications of our tamper labels and tapes. For assistance or any questions please contact us on our Toll Free number 1300 66 99 21 or enquire online, we are happy to help.

Tamper Evident Labels

- Acting as a visual deterrent against tampering, these reveal a hidden VOID when tampered in any way (eg. cold or heat attack, peeling etc). Durable, strong and highly visible, making them perfect for any purpose.

Tamper Evident Tape

- Made from high quality polyester these can withstand advanced attacks from heat and cold (Freon). We have options in overt and covert styles of tape, allowing you to choose the type of and level of security suitable for your needs. Coming in standard rolls, they are quick and easy to apply by hand or with a roller.