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Saturday, May 18, 2024
Tamper Evident Security Bags
Tamper Evident Security Bags

Tamper Evident Bags - Seal and Preserve

Do you have sensitive or confidential documents that need protection from wear, theft and tampering while in transit? Do you have valuables or products that need tamper resistant protection while in storage? Does your business handle currency on premises, requiring durable security bags?

Mega Fortris supplies a range of tamper evident bags that are suitable for securing documents, currency or valuables both internally or for transit to a third party. For example, when you have cash or valuables. We offer both reusable and one-time use options.

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  • This smaller tamper evident security bag is designed for carrying cash, cheques, foreign currency and small valuables (watches, jewellery etc). Ideal for banking, casinos, clubs, gaming, cash handling, airlines. Size: 280mm (W) x 125mm (H). Price quoted is for a single unit.
  • The Top Open Cash Bag features a large open zipper and gusset which is ideal for moving or storing money and valuables. Ideal for float skim bags or lost property. Size: 200mm (W) x 280mm (H) x 60mm (G). Price quoted is for a single unit.
  • Tamper evident bag designed for storing keys, lost property and other small items. Ideal for banking, casinos, clubs, gaming, cash handling, airlines. Size: 230mm (W) x 170mm (H). Price quoted is for a single unit.

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Reusable vs. One-Time Use

Our reusable bags are sealed with a uniquely numbered security seal and special locking chamber. This makes unauthorised access difficult and alerts you to any attempted tampering. Additionally, our products are durable, fire resistant, water repellent and designed with rip-stop, which prevents tears.

Our one-time use bags are perfect for securely moving cash, confidential documents, exam papers, pharmaceutical goods, medical samples, duty free goods, or sealing police or forensic evidence. We provide a range of security levels for your budget and convenience:

  • Level 1 - Low: non-heat or cold resistant
  • Level 2 - Economy: cold resistant
  • Level 3 - Mid: Heat and cold resistant
  • Level 4 - Highest: heat, cold, saliva, solvent resistant

Secure bags for your business that show proof of tampering

Protect your cash, valuables or documents while they are in transit, our extensive product range has the suitable solution.

Reusable (Multi-Use) Security Bag

- Produced from a range of materials, including: PVC, canvas, cordura and polyester. These are available in a range of colours: green, blue, red and transparent plastolene which allows easy visual checking of contents. Feature a heat sealed clear sender/receiver window.

One-time Use (Disposable) Security Bag

- User friendly and shows proof if someone tampers with it, made from 100% recyclable plastic. Uniquely designed with security features and difficult to copy, these are strong and durable yet easy to use and transport. Mega Fortris bags show instant proof of any attempted tampering.

Talk to us about our tamper proof bags and other products

Our products also include security boxes, key management and more. For further inquiries, feel free to contact us on our Toll Free Number 1300 66 99 21 or enquire online – we are more than happy to help!