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Sunday, June 23, 2024
Mega App
Mega App

Mega App - Easy to Use Supply Chain Tracking Solution

What is the Mega App?

MegaApp is a revolutionary smartphone scanning application designed to help clients track their assets including Mega Fortris security seals, security bags and labels. MegaApp provides customers with the ability to monitor the chain of custody via the user scanning a barcode using MegaApp.

MegaApp is designed to be user friendly. The user is only required to take a picture of the barcode and MegaApp automatically reads the barcode. For seals without barcodes, the user simply takes a picture and keys in the serial number. The user then has the option to add any additional comments with each scan. All these information is then uploaded to the system together with a timestamp and location where the scan occurred.

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  • Smartphone app with automatic scanning and recording of all relevant security seal information.

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There is no additional hardware costs - MegaApp simply requires a Smartphone running iOS or Android. All scans are securely uploaded to the server and the user is automatically sent an email with details of the first scan and all subsequent scans.

Contact Mega Fortris Australia today for a free demo of MegaApp and let us show you how you can use MegaApp to monitor the chain of custody of your assets.