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Friday, August 19, 2022
Electronic Seal/RFID
Electronic Seal/RFID

Electronic & RFID Seals

The need for security is always evolving. Nowadays, companies are keen for end-to-end monitoring of their assets and cargo. Furthermore, companies also need to be alerted in real-time should there be any tampering, pilferage or if their asset and cargo goes missing.

Mega Fortris has developed the Mega e-Seal. The Mega e-Seal is an integrated active RFID monitoring system that provides users with journey management and real time end-to-end control over their consignments. Partnered with DigiCore, a leading GPS monitoring provider, the Mega e-Seal offers users with a complete solution of monitoring vehicles and the cargo inside.

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  • This reusable RFID enabled seal provides a clear signal of flawless transport, a clear warning of tampering and a data log of the last 200 events.

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The Mega e-Seal can be affixed onto containers, drums or pallets and transmits status information to the GPS receiver. All these information is then relayed to the system and the system automatically alerts the user if there are any abnormalities. Some of the information include seal locking status, temperature and humidity.

As the system offers real-time tracking, the user is able to pinpoint the exact location when the abnormality occurred, and is also able to actively track the vehicle and cargo until it can be recovered.

The Mega e-Seal is an ideal solution for transporting high value goods and environment / time sensitive cargo.