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Sunday, June 23, 2024
Cable Seals
Cable Seals

Steel Cable Seals Keeping Australia’s Cargo Safe

Do you need an easy to use security solution to protect goods while they are in transit? A solution to secure container or trailer door latches, taught liners, rail cars or bulk tankers? Perhaps you have valves or calibrators that need a seal that both deters and provides evidence of tampering, or need truck door seals for road freight? Whatever your application, we have a range of innovative cable seals that offer security, tamper resistance and tamper evidence to meet all of your requirements.

What makes our cable locks the leaders in the industry

All of our models are user-friendly, and only need to be affixed and pulled tight to provide all the security you need. This means you get a product that is:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Durable
  • Secure
  • Tamper Evident

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  • An indicative seal with a metal strap that can still move slightly when sealed enabling inspectors to detect gluing or tampering. Price is quoted for a carton of 1,000pcs.

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Protect Your Business & Assets

The cost of theft or sabotage to your business can be massive: the cost of replacing stock, increased insurance premiums and damage to your business continuity and viability. In the case of intellectual or confidential property the cost is often immeasurable. Protecting your business with something as simple as one of these seals saves money, time and hassle at a fraction of the potential cost.

Find Your Solution

Cable Lock - very user-friendly with a fast, one-way sealing mechanism. Made from durable steal that unravels if cut, so it cannot be reattached, identifying unauthorised tampering.

Cable Breakaway - cost effective and only removable with a cable cutter. Secured by turning a shear bolt until the wire is firmly locked in place, the bolt then breaks away.

Mini Cable Lock Premium - available in 1.5mm or 1.8mm cable diameter. These cable seals are lighter than other varieties, making them perfect for high volume usage or small applications. Possess all the standard features, plus cast zinc lips to protect entry/exit points.

Mega Cable Plus III - fixed length and suitable for a range of applications. The locking mechanism slots and clicks in place making for fast and easy sealing.

Pallet Lock Seal - designed to secure the strapping of large, high value objects like pallets or boxes. Features a special fatigue crimping that provides tamper evidence if interfered during land, sea or air transit.

MCLZ 500 - available in 5mm or 2.5mm cable diameter. Unique to Mega Fortris, a non-linear insert hole and body design offers unrivalled protection to picking and “shim” attacks. Protect your supply chain with the best.

Delivery available across Australia

We proudly ship right around the country, so if you’re in need of plastic seals in Melbourne, security bags in Sydney, tamper evident boxes in Brisbane or otherwise, we’re for you. Browse our complete range of products for full specifications, applications and pricing. For other enquires, please contact us online or on our Toll Free number 1300 66 99 21 or contact us online, we are happy to help you.